Sa, 10 June, 18.00h, duration approx. 60 minutes;
Theater am Lend
Tickets € 17 / € 9 (red.)




“The Berlin wall stood for 28 years. In 2017, the wall will be have been down for 28 years. I was born in East Berlin on the day the wall was built in the year the wall came down. In 2017, I am exactly as old as the wall was when it fell. Every year on my birthday, there are memorials of the wall on the radio. I am Nele. This is what I have been thinking about for some time: how does life come about?”

Written and directed by Nele Stuhler Performance Paula Thielecke Dramaturgy Lisa Schettel Stage Julius Lehniger Production management Franziska Schmidt (stranger in company)

A production by Nele Stuhler in cooperation with sophiensaele Berlin and DRAMA FORUM of uniT, supported by Theater am Lend

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