Sa, 10 June, 19.30h
Su, 11 June, 19.30h, duration approx. 2 hours
Dom im Berg
Tickets € 17 / € 9 (red.)

Two friends who haven’t seen each other for sixteen years meet in a remote countryside, in the company of a third man, to dig a well. It is all about their common past, which they both deal with and conceal. This performance of powerful images not only probes Macedonian history and current political conflicts of this Balkan state. Their continual digging also uncovers social divides and the mechanisms that fuel them.

Directed by Franz von Strolchen Text Christian Winkler Stage Andrea Cozzi Costumes Valentin Svetozarev Music Goran Trajkoski Video Stefano Cozzi Artistic consultant Kristina Bozurska Featuring Gorast Cvetkovski, Ivica Dimitrijevic, Aleksandar Gjorgjieski

 National Theatre of Macedonia and Franz von Strolchen (Co-production)

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