We, 7 June, 19 – 21h, Island on the Mur
Th, 8 June, 13 –19h, Fr, 9 June, 13 – 19h, Sa, 10 June, 13 – 18h, Mariahilferplatz and the parking site of Schauspielhaus
Su, 11 June, 13 – 16h, as part of the award ceremony of the Retzhofer Drama Prize at Schloss Retzhof
Free admission, admission possible at any time

Private Matter is a matter of interpretation: that is why for this project, artists have mobilized texts written by young authors and liberated them both from the desks where they were created and the theatre stages, and they invite the audience to join them on a journey. The 14 plays nominated for the Retzhofer Drama Prize will conquer public spaces in the city and present themselves to the audience in unexpected fashions.

Authors Svenja Viola Bungarten, Christian Udo Eichner, Liat Fassberg, Constantin Göttfert, Anna Hubner, Alexandra Koch, Joël László, Stefanie Lehrner, Izabela Makowska, Michael Meichßner and Antje Thoms, Astrid Nischkauer, Tanja Šljivar, Maximilian Smirzitz and Marcus Peter Tesch
Artists Moritz Beichl, Pedro Martins Beja, Rupert Derschmidt, Bernd Fleischmann, Kathrin Mayr, Milena Michalek, Wolfgang Rappel, Sandra Schu?ddekopf, Manfred Weissensteiner, Christian Winkler, Paul Wiersbinski, Milena Wichert and others

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